What do our clients say?

John Rex Headshot

I am consistently impressed by the PDC and their outstanding ability to equip our teams with the skills needed to solve difficult problems and make decisions together. By combining rigorous intellectual science with intuitive and thoughtful facilitation, Fiona and her colleagues have developed and refined techniques for team-based thinking that I have found myself using again and again because the techniques really work. Highly recommended!
– John Rex, Chief Medical Officer and Director at F2G, Ltd; Chief Strategy Officer at CARB-X Adviser to US President on Future Of Antibiotics


Nick Botwood Headshot

The PDC help teams make more effective choices, leveraging diversity and integrating innovative ideas. I have seen their concepts playing out in real life, producing real results over 10 years. The projects I have worked with them include collaborations ranging from individual leadership coaching to large workshops spanning several days across the US, EU and Japan. They calibrate the optimum dynamics and culture within teams and the workplace to drive high performance and success, through diligent preparatory work and by uncovering insights into the factors that lead to effective decision making.
– Nick Botwood  – Senior Executive R & D. BMS

Professor Andrew Hughes Headshot

Having worked widely with the PDC since the turn of the decade, much of my own workplace development and strategic business developments can trace their origins to Fiona’s fingerprints. Fiona and her team are able to hold the mirror up to enable time for self-reflection and commitment to change, in a way that encourages openness. They combine their highly personalised approach with business psychology theory, including the writings of Roger Martin. His work provides an insight into both the anatomy and physiology both of organisations and individuals to create awareness of the role of unconscious biases in setting behaviours and strategies.
– Professor Andrew Hughes, Early phase clinical trial director for Oncology and Professor Experimental Cancer Medicine, The Christie, Manchester

Briggs Morrison Headshot

The PDC are outstanding at quickly deciphering organizational dynamics and driving change. They bring interesting, imaginative and unique solutions to bear on important business challenges, and brilliantly support people and organizations in the quest for excellence. The PDC’s tools made a huge difference to our teams’ decision making abilities and I could immediately recognize teams who had used their tools from their incredible array of suggestions and solutions and their ability to robustly defend them.
– Briggs Morrison, MD at MPM Capital (ex- EVP Global Medicines Development Astrazeneca)

You guys are amazing! Your ability to bring so much freshness and diverse thinking to programmes coupled with your ability to keep things simple means that I always love your workshops. They are stimulating and challenging and always deliver real change.
– Medical Science Director, Astra Zeneca

Very impressed by The PDC. They bring a wealth of corporate, management and personal experience to the table. Collaborating with them is inspirational, powerful and fun.
– Director, The Coca Cola Company

The PDC is an outstanding group. They’ve been instrumental in developing and implementing a wide range of team and personal development programmes to which they bring a unique blend of insights, knowledge and creativity.
– Vice President, Astra Zeneca

Integrative Thinking © has changed the views on many as to how they explore alternative viewpoints with colleagues. No longer is this seen as confrontational but an opportunity for catalysing creativity. The training rolled out by the PDC based on models developed by Roger Martin has been instrumental in achieving this cultural step change.
– Pharmaceutical Industry

The most valuable course I have been on as I face these situations so often in my day to day role…these tools really help me make better, more inclusive and more complete decisions.
– Pharmaceutical Industry

This is an impressive and useful set of tools, a great product.
Legal Industry

On the (Integrative Thinking ©) course, we uncovered some assumptions and came up with a completely new solution to our business problem that we would not have seen otherwise.
– Retail Industry


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